From the team that brought you The Sacred Science


Remedy: Ancient Medicines for Modern Illness

A groundbreaking, 9-part docuseries exploring the world’s most promising medicinal herbs and how they are being used to treat the world’s most life-threatening illnesses.

Premiering online September 5, 2018
Pre-launch Promotional Window runs August 21 – August 30, 2018.

A Message from Nick Polizzi

I can’t wait to share our upcoming docuseries, Remedy, with all of you!

Over the past two years, we sat down with master herbalists, medicine men and women, and gifted healers from all over the world to bring this series to fruition!

Together, we explored how medicinal and healing herbs are being used to treat the many of today’s most life-threatening illnesses including: cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Lyme disease, physical pain, depression, stress and anxiety, dementia, chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, insomnia and more.

Nick Polizzi

The purpose of this project is to bring this herbal wisdom to the masses while honoring the lineages from which it comes, and I’m excited to invite you to share it with your audiences too. Read on for all the details of our Affiliate Program. If you have any questions about the program or the upcoming launch, please contact me or our affiliate team at

Thanks for your support, – Nick

August 21 -30, 2018 Affiliate Promotion Window
September 5 -13, 2018 Remedy airs online
September 15-16, 2018 Replay airs

Following the free replay, the full 9-part series will be offered for sale for $XXX, with a 50% affiliate commission to you
(based on last-click in and a 60-day cookie).

About Remedy

From producer, director and author Nick Pollizi and the team that brought you the groundbreaking documentary The Sacred Science, Remedy: Ancient Medicines for Modern Illness, is a new, nine-part docuseries exploring the world’s most promising medicinal herbs and how they are being used to treat today’s most life-threatening illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Lyme disease, physical pain, depression, stress and anxiety, dementia, chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, insomnia and many others.

It features some of the biggest names in herbalism and natural health, as well as some amazing healing stories from real people who have recovered from serious conditions and illnesses using plants. It’s compelling, timely and even better than anything we’ve done in the past – including The Sacred Science movie.

How it works:
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    Simply send a few pre-written emails (see Swipe Content below) and/or share social posts between August 21 and August 30, encouraging your readers or followers to check out the event registration page for the FREE Remedy docuseries.
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    Send us the date(s) you are planning on promoting the Remedy docuseries.
    (We’d love to know as soon as possible so that we can plan accordingly.)
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    Your readers get to watch our 9-episode docuseries screening event (and the 2-day replay) completely free with no strings attached.
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    At the end, they’ll be offered the opportunity to purchase and own the entire series for just $XXX
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    You will earn 50% commissions on every dollar they spend with us.
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    You get paid 100% of commissions earned in August, September & October 2018
It’s that simple. Really. Need more details? Check out our FAQ below.
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Thanks for your support! Together we can make the launch of Remedy a success for you and your subscribers!


Q. Who do I contact if I need help or have a question about the Affiliate Program?
A. Reach out any time to our awesome affiliate team at

Q. What if my readers have questions for customer service, or need technical support? Who do I refer them to?

Q. I forgot my username and/or password, how do I get back into my affiliate account?
A. If you forgot your password, click (insert IS link) to reset. You will need your username or email address that you used to sign up to your account. This is the email address that you are receiving our affiliate emails from. If you still can’t login, email us at, and we’ll send you your email and password.

Q. I want to work with The Sacred Science as a Joint Venture Partner. What do I do?
A. If you are interested in working with us as a JV Partner, we do have guidelines that we must follow. Although we would love to promote everyone, we don’t have the space in our calendar to do so. We do require that an affiliate promote us first and meet certain prior to us considering the promotion. Our marketing team also must also review the product/program to ensure that it is a good promotional fit for our audience. If you have questions, please reach out to

Q. What affiliate platform will we be using?
A. We use Infusionsoft for managing our affiliate program and launches.

Q. Is this a first or last cookie system?
A. We are set up as a last click in, 60-day cookie system. This means that the last affiliate link that the customer clicks will receive the credit and store the affiliate's ID in a cookie until the customer clears their browser cookies or clicks on another affiliate link. The cookie expires after 60 day.

Q. Can you give more details on how you track clicks?
A. You can find your link tracking stats within your Infusionsoft account. After logging in, just click on the "Link Tracking Stats" on the left navigation legend. Our system tracks raw clicks and raw opt-in's (not unique).

Q. How many emails do I need to send, and when?
A. That’s entirely up to you. The promotion window for Remedy is August 21-August 30th. For best success, we recommend that you send your first communication as soon as the promo window opens, and a minimum of 1-2 more emails before the promotional period closes on August 30th.

Q. What Commissions do you pay and when will I receive payment?
A. Our standard commission is 50% of sales. You will receive commissions after the guarantee period (if any) has ended.

Q. Do you have a minimum commission amount before I will get paid?
A. Yes, you must earn at least $50 in commissions

Q. What do I need to do to ensure I receive my commission payment?
A. Upon sign up, please provide either a valid PayPal email account or a physical address for us to mail commission checks

Q. I have to be careful about the type of content I promote. Does Remedy advocate Ayahuasca, cannabis or other illegal drugs?
A. No. The focus of this project is to bring ancient, plant-based, herbal wisdom to contemporary healing while also honoring the lineages from which it comes. In Remedy, we explore powerful healing herbs primarily from three traditional herbal schools ¬– Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic

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